Interior designer Delia del’Etoile is not excited by yet another office remodel; these corporate spaces are a far cry from her eclectic style. Until her boss partners with the IT consultancy firm of her longtime crush, Finn McCaffrey, then suddenly picking out ergonomic rolling chairs seems much more enjoyable. The deal is for six months—plenty of time to prove to her boss she’s capable of handling her own client portfolio.

Finn believes that interior design is for bored rich people. But when promised a promotion that will help pay his father’s escalating medical debt if the partnership is successful, Finn gladly adds the undertaking to his already demanding workload. Spending his days with Delia may even be fun, assuming he can ignore his long-buried feelings from when they were kids.

What starts as a professional relationship spills into their personal lives as the two find themselves in box seats at a Bruin’s game, perusing a peculiar estate sale, and attending Delia’s godson’s unconventional birthday party. However, when someone from their past resurfaces, revealing the misunderstanding that changed the course of Delia and Finn’s friendship, and Finn suspects Delia’s boss of stealing Delia’s ideas, they’ll find that being together takes a lot of decluttering and that the best things in life won’t happen by design.