Due to the surge in demand for home office renovations, interior designer, Delia de L’Toile is now working harder than ever. She and her domineering boss, Elaine are taking Boston by storm but can’t keep up with the influx of business. Delia doesn’t want to specialize but, hoping to become Elaine’s partner and never one to assert her opinions, Delia keeps quiet when Elaine connects with a technology consultancy firm. With a sub-contractor to provide office IT needs, Elaine imagines racking up clients faster than the time it takes to swap out accent pillows.

Delia changes her tune when she meets the consultant in charge, her longtime crush and family friend, Finn McCaffrey. Growing up, Finn was everything Delia wanted: kind, funny, hard-working, and from a large family, his three sisters the siblings Delia never had, his house, her home away from home. Finn is up for a promotion if he can successfully integrate Elaine’s company. He’s always scoffed at interior design as a pastime for rich people, which his family is decidedly not, but knowing Delia, thinks the job’s a done deal, and he can continue up the corporate ladder with ease.

Their business partnership proves complicated, however, with Delia’s crush returning in full force and Finn developing feelings of his own once Delia’s playfulness and affectionate nature remind him that it’s okay to have a little fun. Likewise, Finn’s confidence and resolve rub off on Delia, and she learns how to stick up for herself and go after what she wants, including the relationship she’s dreamt about since childhood. But when an old misunderstanding resurfaces, and Finn learns that Elaine’s plans for her company don’t align with Delia’s, they’ll find that being together takes a lot of decluttering and that some things in life happen unexpectedly rather than by design.