Brynn Roberts is a development and feasibility associate at a growing hotel management company. Having recently spearheaded some unsuccessful acquisitions, Brynn is looking to redeem herself by identifying the next big market in which to expand. As the second-choice maid of honor for her sister and a divorcee on the cusp of turning forty, Brynn is less than thrilled by her wedding party duties until she realizes that the U.S. Virgin Islands are an untapped hot spot in her company’s real estate portfolio and sets out to transform a bachelorette party in St. Thomas into a business opportunity.

First on the retreat’s itinerary is a catamaran boat charter captained by the young and easygoing Cameron Thomas. Cam, a recent college dropout with no career aspirations, couldn’t be further from Brynn’s type, and a fling is the last thing on Brynn’s mind, yet so begins a snowballing of flirtatious rendezvous that reveals there’s more to Cam than meets the eye.

While splitting her time between the bustle of New York City and the pristine beaches of St. Thomas, what quickly evolves into a genuine relationship with Cam threatens Brynn’s life as a one-woman show. But if she’ll let him, Cam will prove that a person’s worth isn’t measured in business contracts, that love comes in all shapes and sizes, and that true happiness doesn’t have to be an ocean away.