Editorial assistant Sarah McPhee has always understood her life in terms of music – her childhood shaped by her “one hit wonder” mother and her father’s passion for sixties rock bands. So, when her long-term boyfriend unexpectedly cuts ties, she finds this stretch of time to be eerily silent and takes an overseas senior position at Sassy Magazine.

Tasked with saving the magazine from declining market share and subscriptions, Sarah’s relocation proves more complicated than expected due to her abrasive boss, who believes Sarah’s transfer undermines her management, and reluctant co-workers plagued by constant turnover in their department.

When Sarah mistakenly ruins the layout of an upcoming issue and learns the publisher wants to shut the magazine down over the next twelve months, Sarah feels destined to fail. Then an unexpected encounter with rude and arrogant musician, Rob, has her second-guessing her decision to move, and leaves her doubting she’ll make it through the year.

As she attempts to revive the magazine, and protect her heart from further damage, Sarah has no other choice but to rely on new acquaintances, including Rob. From getting lost (which she expected to happen) to being taught how to drive on the left side of the road (which she didn’t), Sarah learns, thanks to impromptu morning cocktails, language barrier mishaps, and listening to old mix tapes, about trusting her decisions and how to hear the music again.

While the final issues approach, and friendships are tested against love interests, Sarah must re-examine her assumptions about what being successful really means and what (or who) truly makes her heart sing before her work sponsorship ends and she is sent back home to a life she no longer desires.