Sarah McPhee, daughter of a one-hit-wonder from the eighties, is a staff editor living in Boston, compiling “Top 10” lists for a glossy lifestyle magazine instead of writing album reviews for Rolling Stone, her dream job. Stemming from her childhood, which was prone to her mother’s whims, Sarah has maintained the same routine, relationship, and hairstyle for years. However, she is tired of being the human embodiment of background noise. After her longtime boyfriend dumps her, Sarah acknowledges that change is the only way to survive and uproots her life to go work for a beloved music magazine in the U.K. Though she finds kinship in a staff of misfits, the publication, like Sarah, needs a drastic overhaul to prevent abject failure.

Rob Evans is the lead singer of a London-based cover band. Lacking inspiration, he’s content working a dead-end job and singing other musicians’ hits. But when Sarah shows up at the bar where he’s performing, her tenacity and energetic disposition ignite in him a long-buried ingenuity. Convinced she’s only drawn to Rob’s sound – she has no interest in getting her heart broken a second time – Sarah allows Rob to show her life’s more fun and rewarding when you take chances.

By launching a podcast to help save the magazine, getting on stage to perform her mom’s single, and learning to play the guitar, Sarah attempts to live her life to a soundtrack of greatest hits. But, when the attraction between herself and Rob threatens other relationships and the magazine continues to decline, Sarah must face the fact that moving to London might be her biggest flop yet.