Sarah McPhee is tired of being the human embodiment of background noise. At 28, she’s maintained the same routine, relationship, and hairstyle for years, having compensated for her mother’s wayward quest for stardom and frequent absences during her childhood by avoiding change at all costs. After she’s dumped by her longtime boyfriend, Sarah is forced to acknowledge that change is actually the only way to survive, and uproots her life to go work for the beloved Muso, a music magazine based out of London.

Upon learning the publication is in jeopardy, Sarah creates Almost Famous, a podcast dedicated to worthy songs that never made the Greatest Hits list. The first few episodes are rocky, but when Rob Evans, the brooding front man of a local cover band, co-hosts with Sarah, their repartee causes a spike in listeners. Off-air, the chemistry is even stronger but Sarah has no interest in opening up her heart again.

As the owners of Muso demand better results to prevent shutdown, and the attraction to Rob becomes undeniable, Sarah must once again disrupt the status quo if she is to turn her time in the U.K. into a Greatest Hit instead of her biggest flop.