When twenty-six-year-old magazine editor, Sarah McPhee takes a promotion that sends her overseas to the London offices of Teen Sassy, she expects the number of miles between herself and her old life to be enough to repair her crushed heart. Tasked with resuscitating the magazine from declining sales and subscriptions, her relocation proves more complicated due to an abrasive Editor in Chief, who is disappointed in Sarah’s lack of experience, and an unmotivated editorial department that’s reluctant to adapt to new leadership.

Believing she’s destined to fail, new acquaintances, including her quirky chain-smoking landlady, the always-friendly Megan and Megan’s charming but arrogant musician brother help her build her confidence and teach her about getting over heartbreak, and what being successful means.

As she attempts to save the magazine by breaking the mold of traditional women’s rags, and when friendships are tested against love interests, Sarah must realize what (and who) truly makes her heart sing before the board decides to shut down publication and she is sent back home to a life she no longer desires.