Reeling from the attempted suicide of his mother, Rob Evans is feeling more aimless than ever. He’s already made some bad choices in his life, like allowing his manager to devalue his music career by turning him into a teenage heartthrob. He also failed to communicate his true feelings to his ex-girlfriend, and the regret he feels over their breakup is still mounting.

The realization that he ignored the signs of his mum’s deteriorating mental health, however, has turned him despondent. While he initially has trouble communicating to his once-vibrant mother, Susan, a final push from his sister sends Rob on a journey that not only results in a better understanding of Susan, but also of himself.

After he finds and reads Susan’s diary, which narrates his mum’s heartbreaking secret and reason for his parents’ divorce, Rob learns of an opportunity to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend. But time is limited to mend his failed relationships by Susan’s potential relapse. By embracing his new teaching job, an occupation once suggested to him by his ex, and rediscovering his love of football, a sport he once excelled at, Rob evaluates whether his home is in the classroom, on the football field, in his childhood house where Susan still resides, or with the one woman he’s ever truly loved.