When his once-vibrant mother attempts suicide, the mystery surrounding her motivation puts a strain on the Evans family and Rob is left feeling despondent. He’s already forfeited some significant relationships, including those with his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, and his manager, leaving him single and no longer on the top-100 music charts. The state of his mother’s mental health, however, taxes his most important relationship, the one with his pregnant older sister, Megan.

While Rob initially has trouble communicating with his mother, he finds and reads her diary, which narrates her heartbreaking secret and reason for his parents’ divorce. Armed with a better understanding of his mum and fear he’s on a similar path, Rob embarks on a journey of forgiveness, punctuated by an opportunity to reconnect with Sarah.

Time is limited by his mother’s potential relapse. By embracing a new teaching job and rediscovering his love of football, a sport he once excelled at, Rob evaluates whether his home is in the classroom, on the football field, in his childhood house where his mother still resides, or with the one woman he’s ever truly loved.