Two years after his music career ends, Rob believes he’s finally moved on from his former life. That is until his mother suffers a stroke and requires 24/7 care. Rob is nominated as her caretaker, and he reluctantly moves back into his childhood home to assume the responsibility. Rob quote

Ever since his parents divorced when he was young, Rob has had a distant relationship with his mother, a relationship that is now further strained by the demands of her rehabilitation. He’s already forfeited some significant connections, including those with his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, his manager, and his father. The state of his mother’s health, however, taxes his most important relationship, the one with his pregnant older sister, Megan.

Over time, and after numerous appointments with doctors and therapists, Rob and his mom learn to trust and rely on one another. While they initially have trouble communicating, they ultimately discover how similar they are. Armed with a better understanding of himself and fear it’s too late to right past wrongs, Rob embarks on a journey of forgiveness, punctuated by an opportunity to reconnect with Sarah.

By embracing a new teaching job and rediscovering his love of football, a sport he once excelled at, Rob evaluates whether his home is in the classroom, on the football field, in his childhood house, or with the one woman he’s ever truly loved.