Weeee, I started a blog!


I’m still not absolutely sure what you’re apt to find here. That is, I haven’t quite dedicated a theme to this blog other than a “This Is My Life” type of thing. I’m sorry in advance, because there’s not too much happening here on my end other than the aforementioned desire to get my manuscripts published.

I don’t tend to have strong opinions on issues, and when I do, I keep them to myself. Hey, at least I won’t be offending anybody!

This reminds me that I was once told (by a physical therapist, who was treating a stress-related neck injury caused by me and my husband living below five D bags for an entire year, but I digress) that I was amazingly normal. I wasn’t sure what he was getting at when he told me this, but I often go back and forth between considering this a compliment and an insult.

So yeah, I’m a normal human being. Congratulations to me.

You’ll probably read a lot about my parenting woes, but that’s because the moment you pop a baby out, your life changes from A to B (see Diagram 1).


I have a toddler and a baby and I love them madly. I have a cute house and an awesome yard and last year the most amazing strawberries grew in our garden. I am very fortunate. (Because who doesn’t love amazing strawberries. I mean, really?)

KCrow out for now. Please come back again soon.

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